Malaysia Property Award 2013

TAYLOR’S UNIVERSITY LAKESIDE CAMPUS – The Property Game Changer in Private Education

“Spaces where the students love to be instead of having to be.”


Taylor‘s University Lakeside Campus is exciting for students architecturally and is a fundamental design shift from institutional centric to non-hierarchical democratic spaces where the students love to be instead of having to be. According to Prof. Dr. Mohd Tajuddin: “When you put students first architecturally, learning can be exciting.”

The architectural concept is about the form, function, environment and art. It’s a Modern Tropical design. Modern defines the architectural language by the use of clean lines, light forms and materials as forward looking concept. Tropical means the use of the architecture to respond to the environment by employing passive, natural cooling system and sustainable criteria to shape and mould the build environment.

Student centered

The campus is a state-of-the-art modern tropical university campus that houses the complete range of tertiary programmes. The student life style and needs are interwoven with the new collaborative learning methods to create a lively and interactive environment that generates an exciting learning atmosphere where the student responds to positivity. The architecture is part of the education process for people to care about the environment.

And greening is when people choose the stairs to the lifts.


Environmental Design

Environmentally, the concept has emphasized on passive sustainable green design focusing on practical knowledge rather than technology. Natural open spaces and public areas like the main concourses, building corridors, sky bridges and lift lobbies are naturally lit, ventilated and cooled through wind funnels thus reducing energy consumption. These spaces have led to a reduction in overall energy requirement for mechanical cooling, for over 50% of the usable spaces. Large roof overhangs keep the sun out, preventing direct sun exposure and encouraging outdoor congregation before and after classes.


Rehabilitation of the lake

The lake was rehabilitated from a disused mining pond and illegal dumpsite and had undergone the process of de-watering, dredging, earthworks re-shaping of the new lake bottom profile and finally, on to the creation of the final pristine natural lake water feature. Roof rain water and non-potable water is re-circulated from the lake for landscape waterfall features and some roof water is directed to the lake to renew the water continuously and provide aeration to prevent algae growth.

Rehabilitate the lake, if you want to teach about looking after the world.