Success is By Design

Ever considered if success is a result of an accident or is it by willful intention? Knowing it is like the merchant who gave up everything all for the prized pearl. For what is gain is loss and what is loss is gain is the ultimate paradox. In a world fighting to be heard, we have to learn to be quiet.

We have to learn to fix our eyes not on what is seen but what is unseen.

However, Design is More

The process of design is multidimensional. Design is indeed about colour, form and materials but, design is also about effectiveness. It provides solution. At the next level, design captures the imagination. And at its apex, good designs add values, but great designs inspire.

At its highest, design is spiritual. For ultimately, we believe that success is an achievement by design and is not by accident.

More than the Sum of All Its Equal Parts

It is important that design should produce in its result a quality that is more than the physical products put together. There is an architectural value beyond bricks and glass.

Environmental Consciousness

Design has to be inherently environmentally responsive in our quest to minimize our carbon footprint and is not turned into a compliance exercise for self-gratification.

Space and Form

Design should embody an openness for space to flow and connect in an uplifting manner where the spaces creates and moulds the design form.

Meaning in Design

A successful design makes meaning and relevance the fundamental building block to the creative process. This is a philosophy which will enable a deep thought process which can make design a spiritually experience and not a mere physical one.

An Icon or Not

Whether design produces an icon or not is not important, what is important is the architecture is memorable, distinguished and has an identity and personality.