Drawing meaning from the land

A tale of two trees and a King…

Arising majestically out of the site are two resilient, strong and sturdy trees firmly rooted to the ground, which has resisted the changeable turbulent environment, wind and weather.

Symbolical attributes

If we are to teach and educate banking and finance, the tree represents the values and integrity as a foundation for the young people to prepare for the future. We see a symbolic relationship between the trees and the campus for financial services that we are creating. While trees represent nature which has weathered harsh environment, the first Yang Di Pertuan Agong, is the face of the nation on the Malaysian currency notes. Both are metaphors of strength and sturdiness. We are sensitive that the symbiotic relationship of nature and men are intertwined if we are to conceptualize a holistic and successful future.


Apart from looking at the strongest point from the site, the notion and value from Tanjak also known as Royal Head dresser which appear prominently on Malaysia currency note is also taken as inspiration to add cultural value into the architecture. Being a powerful and influential symbol as it being worn by the Royalties and also pride and elegant symbol for the person who wears it.

Tanjak, The form

Dynamic curvature form.Curvature motion  as it follows the motion of the Tanjak being wrapped. The peak and motion/flows  to the top suggesting hierarchy on form

Tanjak, Unfold

Drawing people into the motion as it unfold to the central area. The central area is a green lung beneath the tree canopies, human activities surrounds it. Planning inspired by cultural form and motion of Tanjak.

The concept of the design is to form the building into three wings to represent the cultures working together. The tree at the center represents the royal head as a symbol of integrity of the country. The country derives it’s strength as nations works together in the fold of the Tanjak.

A world class learning and development facilities for the financial services industry is when it recognizes that. Banking is the embodiment of the value of it’s total asset which includes the environment, the resources, knowledge, expression and ideas for the betterment of society as a whole. Education is the opening of minds and the closing of ignorance.

The campus is an open space concept with a forest to the North and a park to the South. The emphasize on openness an uninhibited, free flow access across the site as a public space and forum for transient visitors and students to mingle in a world class educational environment. Music and food fills the air under the tree canopies with 360 degree vistas. Breathing life and soul into the spaces where people are transient. It will allow people a moment to pause and take in the context of the ambience. Let the other side of the brain take over.

Landscaping on the ground to create micro climate on the open ground floor. The manicured park weaves through the building to connect to the chaotic forest to reduce the air temperature in the cross ventilation through the open spaces as a passive green environmental response. Breaking the form  into three wings as to acknowledge site’s significant context and proposed landscaping area. The campus and offices are secured and lifted as public and private areas to hover over the open spaces connected by a central link which revolves around the central tree with it respective vertical circulation.

This concept of education design is not confined to the classrooms but acknowledges that learning has no bounds as it permeates and flows into collaborative and open spaces where the mind is unrestraint and free to explore and excite in stimulating environment challenging perception but continues to be grounded in values.

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