Ng Wai Keong

B. Sc. (Hons), B. Arch. (Dist.), RIBA, APAM, AMI Arbs., University of Wales, UK

NWK graduated from the Welsh School of Architecture and began his early practice in the 80s in England in Healthcare with the SW Thames Regional Health Authority. With Covell Matthews Wheatley Ltd, he pursued Corporate architecture such as the Merrill Lynch European office projects in the City of London and others such as the Klientworth Benson Bank.

He returned from London in 1987 and formed Acasys, a progressive architectural group with his partners and completed the Proton Centre of Excellence, the Tractors Bhd Headquarters and the Nilai Cancer Hospital. This has established a presence in the marketplace culminating in a series of significant architectural accomplishments.

NWK Chartered Architect was established in 1991 to undertake his passion for experimental design orientated projects as a testbed for creativity and ideas. From 2006, he made a career change to redevelop NWKA as a boutique architectural design house to focus on his passion to conceptualize his idea of Success is By Design Philosophy. Now, he desires to accelerate his pursuit to reach the next level of excellence to work on niche projects as it is his firm conviction that success is a process of design excellence.


Principal Director

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