Mazlin Ghazali

B. Sc., B. Arch., APAM, University of Wales, UK

Mazlin Ghazali is the Director of NWKA passionate with the living environment.

He believes that strong communities are created from good neighbourhoods where conceptual space planning by design can create environmentally conscious green social spaces where people can take possession of their shared spaces and the safety of their home domain.

This belief has culminated in his creation of the Honeycomb Housing Concept based on the tessalated method of space planning. He co-authored the book titled “The Thermal Comfort Honeycomb Housing” which was published in 2006.  The paper was also presented at the 2006 International Cities Towns and Community Conference, Queesland, Australia and at Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia.  The concept has also been granted an Australian Patent in 2010.

He is currently leading the team to realise the fruition of his work in Johor and Sarawak, Malaysia.



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